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A Desert Oasis with an Eye for Luxury

Nearly a quarter of a century ago, Dubai was a bustling cultural centre, thriving like any other Arab state, within the borders of the exotic Middle East. Today, it is the incontestable crown jewel of the region, reigning above all for its obviously refined taste for only the very best and catapulting itself to the top with elegance, élan and a heavy dose of creativity.

Eat, Shop & Play Year Round

Such a bright and booming destination as Dubai boasts an equally perfect tropical climate year round. October to April, especially, sees a surplus in warm temperatures between a moderate 25 to a balmy 35 degrees C. Summer months see temperatures at 45 degrees so proper sunscreen and appropriate clothing is a good idea. Being a constitutionally Islamic country, Dubai celebrates one static holiday on Dec 2nd, which is National Day. Religious celebrations such as Ramadan and Eid, however, fall on the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and rely on moon sightings so exact dates vary. Ramadan itself is a joyous occasion where the streets are alight and vendors are about primarily during the evening time, after the fast has broken and people are ready to socialise. To keep the observance unmarred by tourism, eating, drinking and smoking are not permitted in public during the day and it is important to also note strict regulations on alcohol consumption in the UAE in general.

Enjoy Your Stay

From touchdown until takeoff, Dubai is a city of experience and you'll leave with your wallet feeling generally a little lighter and your hearts a little fuller. Before arriving, plan to have all boosters and vaccines up to date and note that Dubai is much more expensive than India, with the price of a standard meal hovering around 30 AED. Travellers with Indian passports will need a visa to enter the UAE but take note of the changes in regulations: post November 24th 2015, no Indian hand written passports are accepted. Instead, different types of visa regulations exist, depending on length and purpose of visit.

Getting Around Town

With so much to see, do, experience and taste, the city's well-connected and affordable metro system has got the traveller with a focused itinerary covered. Budget accommodations in hostels are available from around 100 AED while single hotel rooms cost around 800 AED.

Flight information: Chennai - Dubai

Cheapest outbound flight from ₹ 11,393.00
Flight duration min. 03:55 / max. 04:35
Return flight duration min. 03:45/ max. 04:20
Distance 2937 km
Flights per week 43
Departure airport Chennai (Madras) (MAA)
Arrival airport Dubai (DXB)
Destination country United Arab Emirates
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