Information on Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines is the 2nd largest airline in Japan. Established in 1951, the airline began operating international flights in 1961 with the routes from Tokyo to San Francisco via Honululu, Japan airlines has been a member of the oneworld alliance since 2007.
Methods of Payment
Credit cards: no
Direct debit: no
ePayment: no
Cash: no
Invoice: no
Paypal: no
Electronic Cache (EC): no

Japan Airlines - popular flights

with: Turkish Airlines (TK0717, TK6499, TK6491, TK6477, TK6489, TK6497), Air India (AI6071), Air Canada (AC6699)
with: Turkish Airlines (TK0721, TK6467), Air India (AI6075), Air Canada (AC6691)
with: British Airways (BA0118), IBERIA (IB4752), American Airlines (AA6656)
with: British Airways (BA0256, BA0142), American Airlines (AA6662, AA6664), IBERIA (IB4715), Air India (AI0115, AI0111), Virgin Atlantic Airways (VS0301)
with: American Airlines (AA6670), British Airways (BA0036, BA1036)
with: British Airways (BA0276), American Airlines (AA6668)
with: British Airways (BA0198, BA0138), American Airlines (AA6658, AA6660), Air Canada (AC6003), United Airlines (UA9819), Jet Airways (India) (9W0120), IBERIA (IB4709)
with: Jet Airways (India) (9W0228), United Airlines (UA0049), Air India (AI0191, AI0101)
with: United Airlines (UA0083), Air India (AI0101)