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A city with a rich and diverse culture

Delhi consists of an Old City with narrow lanes, crumbling houses and impressive mosques. The New City is composed of tree-lined avenues and imposing government buildings. The city has ancient monuments, fascinating museums, art galleries, and a lively performing-arts scene. There are many bustling markets and inviting restaurants.

Delhi's main attractions

The best time to visit Delhi is from February to March, or during October and November, when the weather is mild. The hottest Summer months are from April to June when temperatures reach 40°C plus. The Monsoon Season is from December to January. Roads can flood at this time. Visit during holidays and festivals to experience local culture. The festival of lights, Diwali, is celebrated and the Holi spring festival takes place on 15th August. 

At Independence Day celebrations there is a  big parade. The cultural festival Qutub is in November/December and the India International Trade Fair is at the end of November.

Pre-travel information

Women should be especially vigilant when travelling alone.
The cost of living in Delhi is higher than in most other cities in India.

Local Delhi transport

There are a few options for travelling from the Indira Gandhi Airport to the centre of Dehli. The Metro line 2 operates from 4.40 am until 23.30 pm and costs about 100 rupees. There is a shuttle bus that travels to Connaught Place and prepaid taxis can be booked online or at the airport terminal.

The range of hotels is wide with accommodation to suit every budget. Most hotels have shuttle buses and can pick up guests at the airport. A guest house or hostel costs around 500 rupees per night. An inexpensive, three star hotels costs on average about 1400 rupees per night per person. Hotels are best booked in advance.

Dehli has a public transport network composed of buses, autos and the Metro. The Metro costs approximately ₹8-30. A Smartcard costs ₹150 and includes ₹100 of credit. A tourist card costs around  ₹100 for 1 day of travel or ₹250  for three days of travel. Buses are crowded and the fare is roughly Rs 5-15 per ticket. Negotiate the price before riding in an auto, haggling is the norm here. Cycle rickshaws cost between about 20-50 rupees depending on the length of journey.

Flight information Bangalore - New Delhi
Flight details Bangalore - New Delhi
  • Flight duration: min. 02:35 / max. 04:05
  • Distance: 1711 km
  • Flights per week: 364
  • Return flight duration: min. 02:30 / max. 04:25
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