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Buzzing, bustling metropolis

Ahmedabad is energy, history, architecture, night markets and fine food. A plethora of activity and sights for young and old alike in this Gujarat city.


Prime time to travel

Many travellers take advantage of the multitude of lovely holidays and festivals in Ahmedabad. The arrival of spring, Makar Sankranti, is from 12-14 January, or the amazing kite flying festival on 14th and 15th January. Lord Krishna's birth date is celebrated in August (Rakshabandhan (Rakhi) and Janmastami, with September and October being excellent travel months with Navratri - 9 Day Pooja celebrations for the 9 Forms of Shakti, when visitors can enjoy the local dances. Eid al-Fitr is celebrated on varying dates - the Sugar Feast (end of Ramadan - breaking of the fast). The monsoon season is from mid-June, but if you find yourself in Ahmedabad during this time, special monsoon foods are available at street stalls, such as Kichu. You can join Deepavali, the festival of lights, in October/November or Eid al Adha (Sacrifice Feast) on varying dates. October until April provides a nice climate for travelling in Ahmedabad.

Tips before you travel

In Ahmedabad, cheap thali is around Rs 100, with a restaurant meal running around Rs 250. Beer will cost you about Rs 100. The local language is Gujarati but you will find Hindi spoken here as well. Note that alcohol is prohibited in Gujarat, but permits are available for non-residents. Most food is vegetarian. 

Get to know local transport and accommodation

Taxis are rare here. When available, they will cost you about Rs 300 - 400 (be ready to negotiate your fare in advance). But the more common transportation available is bus or auto. For the auto service, expect to pay around Rs 150 - 200 - the start rate is about Rs 20 with an additional price of Rs 15 for every 1 kilometre, plus 25% extra in the small hours of the morning. Alternatively, you can take a bus. The minimum fares run at about Rs 4 with a maximum fare being around Rs 36 one-way, depending on the route. You can purchase a day pass for approximately Rs 45. Keep in mind that there are two bus operators in Ahmedabad. BRTS buses are much faster and slightly more expensive than AMTS buses. Be sure to note that there is no bus service between 11 pm and 6 am. Regarding accommodation, an inexpensive hostel will be Rs 700 or so east of Sabarmati in Old Town.  A mid-range hotel will run closer to Rs 1,700, with luxury accommodation costing around Rs 3,400. More upmarket hotels will be found near Navrangpura.

Flight information: Mumbai - Ahmedabad

Outbound and return flight from ₹58.32
Flight duration min. 01:05 / max. 01:25
Return flight duration min. 01:10/ max. 01:40
Distance 445 km
Flights per week 148
Departure airport Mumbai (Bombay) (BOM)
Arrival airport Ahmedabad (AMD)
Destination country India
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