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Diversity in Dubai

Dubai is an Islamic state that boasts a subtropical climate which is favourable for travel. Tourists are spoilt for choice between the rich culture and the festivities taking place offering an amazing time.

Ideal time for travel

The city is a 12 month a year destination with the best time being from October to April. During this period the temperatures are milder and range from 25-35 degree Celsius. In the summer however, they go up to 45° C. Apart from the superb weather, the city also provides tourists with a chance to witness and take part in the famous Islamic festivities. Eid al Fitr, which is an important Islamic festival and marks the end of Ramadan, is celebrated during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. The dates for the Eid celebration vary, but the national day is always on the 2nd of December.

Vital information before you travel

Indian citizens require a visa to be permitted entry to the UAE. Different types of visa regulations exist depending on length and purpose of visit. Hand written Indian passports are no longer accepted after 24th November 2015. Prior to travelling, a medical check-up is necessary to make sure that boosters and routine vaccines are up to date. Eating, drinking, smoking are not permitted in the Ramadan month of fasting during the day in public. Dubai recognises Friday as a rest day, hence many shops and businesses remain closed. The cost of living is substantially high in this country in comparison to India with a simple meal going for about 30 AED.

Dubai - getting around

The metro is available from Saturday to Thursday between 6am - 11pm. On Fridays, however, it runs from 1pm till midnight. In terminals 1 and 3, the red line metro stops by every ten minutes while the "green line" stops at the Airport Free zone. You will be required to pay approximately 4 AED for 1 zone, 6 AED for 2 zones and 8.50 AED for three zones of travel. A cheaper package for tourists would be the red ticket that expires after 90 days and pays for a maximum of 10 journeys. Apart from the metro, buses 4,11,15,33 and 44 operate from 6am -10 pm from all terminals.

Accommodation is available in dorms that charge around 100 AED or single hotel rooms costing around 800 AED.

Flight information Mumbai - Dubai
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  • Flight duration: min. 03:10 / max. 03:35
  • Distance: 1928 km
  • Flights per week: 136
  • Return flight duration: min. 02:55 / max. 03:25
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