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Amritsar travel tips

Amritsar - A Cultural Wonder in India

Amritsar is one of the most fascinating and ancient cities in India. The city is of paramount importance to Sikhism due to the fact that the Golden Temple is situated here. It is also a border city, with the India-Pakistan border just 28 km away.

Amritsar - main attractions and travel tips

Due to its semi-arid climate, the summers in Amritsar are very hot. Between April and June, the city's temperature rises to 42°C. Every year, monsoons visit the city during July - September. So, the best time to visit is from October till March. All the major Hindu and Sikh festivals are celebrated with great joy in the city. The harvest festival of Vaisakhi (also the Punjabi New Year) falling in April is a major attraction. On this day, tourists get to see the locals performing the famous Bhangra, a Punjabi harvest dance. Due to the predominance of Sikhism in Amritsar, Gurunanak Gurupurab is celebrated with huge pomp and splendour in November. Deepavali, the Hindu festival of lights, falls in the beginning of November. The spring festival Holi is another major attraction in the city.

Tips Before You Leave

Tourists are expected to respect the Sikh traditions, especially when they are in and around the the Golden Temple. Men and women are expected to cover their heads when inside the temple. Photography is not allowed inside the complex. Also,smoking and consuming alcoholic beverages is prohibited in the temple premises. The cost of groceries in Amritsar less as compared to that of cities like Kolkata or Delhi. However, a meal out can be more expensive than in Delhi or Kolkata. A basic meal in an inexpensive restaurant would cost around 200 INR.

Once in Amritsar

Once landed in Sri Guru Ram Das Jee International Airport, it is easy to reach central Amritsar by different means. The city bus takes nearly 24 minutes to reach the central bus station. Taxis are a bit expensive. After bargaining, expect to pay around 300 rupees. Budget accommodation in shared rooms starts from 200 rupees or so, while a luxury hotel can cost 2,000 rupees per night. Apart from the city buses, Amritsar also has other modes of transport such as autos and taxis. However, it is important to keep in mind that no motorised vehicles are allowed near the Golden Temple.