Flights from Kolkata to Amritsar

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An Old City of Gold

Discover an ancient city of sacred customs and peaceful people bound by a rich culture and fertile land. Amritsar is a bastion of tradition and simple living with high thinking, bright festivals and celebrations and rich local cuisine that won't be found anywhere else in the world.

Zoom In on Amritsar

A picturesque and homely city, Amritsar's pace of life demonstrates the perfect negotiation between quick and easygoing. Major Hindu and Sikh festivals such as Vaisakhi, the harvest festival and celebration of the oncoming "new year" in April bring out the locals in their brightest, finest and best clothes. Right before the harvest, between October to March, is the best climate in the region for travel. Holi, the spiral festival usually falls on the full moon of the Phalgun month and precedes the city's hot summers from April to June seeing temperatures of 42 C. Deepavali lights up the entire city in a festive manner at the end of October or beginning of November, sometimes coinciding with Guru Nanak Gurpurab in November.

Preparing for your trip to Amritsar

In and around the Golden Temple, visitors are expected to respect the Sikh religion by covering their head and this applies to both men and women. Photos of the interior of the temple are not allowed and there is, of course, no drinking alcohol or smoking within the entirety of the complex, sacred as it is. Pack light but come with an empty stomach to experience authentic cuisine. Expect to pay around 200 rupees for a basic meal in an inexpensive restaurant. While groceries are lower in cost than in Kolkata and Delhi, eating out can be more expensive, depending on the location in the city.

Making the Most of Your Trip

There are so many hidden treasures to uncover in Amritsar. Getting around town is a simple affair with the city's well-connected and affordable public transport system which features a reliable combination of cycle rickshaws, autos, buses and taxis. Upon arrival at Amritsar's Sri Guru Ram Das Jee International Airport, reaching the city centre is easy with a taxi but expect to bargain hard and pay around 300 rupees. Alternatively, the city bus takes approximately 24 minutes to the central bus station. Amritsar's popularity as a destination means budget accommodation in shared rooms runs at around 200 rupees while luxury hotels are about Rs.2000 a night.