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Belgian sweets and comic strips

Nowhere else in the world can you eat inside a huge atom, visit museums dedicated to comics, tour a whole mini Europe, and walk among beautiful buildings with centuries of history behind them, but in Brussels. Tourists from all over the globe enjoy the chocolate, the beer, the culture and art in Belgium's capital city.

Brussel's annual gems

Weather in Brussels is generally cold. May to September are the best months for those who like warmer days. During those months you can enjoy several special events such as "Fête de L'Iris" with live free music and street arts and food, or the Memorial Van Damme, a world calibre athletic competition.

Prepare before you travel

Indian citizens require a visa to visit Belgium, which you can obtain via previous appointment at the Visa for Belgium website. General prices are higher than in India. You can get a meal for between 6EUR and 13EUR approximately. Just be sure to save up to try the local beer for about 4EUR, and the typical Belgian Waffles for around 1.50 to 3EUR.

During your stay

Several modes of transport can get you from the airport to the city centre, the slowest being the taxi which will take about 40 minutes and cost around 35 to 45EUR. Faster and cheaper options are the shuttle bus Airport Line with prices that go between approximately 6EUR down to close to 4.50EUR buying your ticket in advance, and the train for around 8.50EUR for a 15 to 20 minute ride. Live the experience of a true European hostel for about 19EUR a night. Although, if you prefer a nice hotel, three star rooms go for about 55EUR a night per person. Keep in mind that accommodations during Holiday season can go up to 70EUR. You can easily move around the city by public transport: metro, trams and buses using a rechargeable MOBIB card. A single trip, or more correctly a validity of 60 minutes, goes for a little over 2EUR. Five trips in one day will cost about 8EUR. Best option for a longer visit is a day travel card for around 7.50EUR, 2 days for 14EUR approximately, or 3 days for about 18EUR. Of course, if you like to exercise a bit and enjoy a fine sunny day you can rent a shared bike for 1.60EUR a day, or simply walk.

Flight information: Hyderabad - Brussels

Cheapest outbound flight from ₹ 26,054.98
Distance 7417 km
Departure airport Hyderabad (HYD)
Arrival airport Brussels (BRU)
Destination country Belgium