Flights from Chennai to Brussels

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Visiting Brussels

From Belgian waffles to the Atomium, Brussels offers unique flavours and experiences. As the political seat of the European Union and an officially bilingual (French/Flemish) city, it's very international. With over one hundred museums, special offerings like a miniature model of Europe, pedestrian-friendly city centre, innovative food and entertainment options and diverse sightseeing, Brussels has a lot to offer.

Festivals and Warm Weather

May to September are the best months to visit for warm weather. In May, the "Fête de l'Iris" festival offers street art, food vendors, and free live music. The first Thursday in July and the Tuesday preceding bring the medieval pageant "Ommegang." A major track and field event, the "Memorial Van Damme," takes place at the end of August through the beginning of September.

Paperwork and Prices for Visiting Brussels

A visa is required for Indian passport holders visiting Belgium. The "Visa for Belgium" website has details and makes appointments. Belgian prices are higher compared to India. A basic meal costs around 6EUR, a full restaurant meal starts around 13EUR. Beer is 4EUR up, soft drinks about 2EUR. Try local foods like Brussels waffles (around 1.50-3EUR) and "moules frites" (mussels and chips). The first shopping centre in the world, established in 1847, is "Galeries Saint Hubert - Sint Hubertusgalerijen."

Airport to Brussels Centre and Accommodation

The quick train ride from the airport costs around 8.50EUR and takes 15-20 minutes. STIB/MIVB bus shuttle "Airport Line" (routes 12, 21) is about 6EUR on board, 4.50EUR in advance and takes 30 minutes. Taxi takes about 40 minutes to the city centre for around 35-45EUR. A hostel bed costs in the region of 19EUR/night and up, a three-star hotel from 55EUR/person/night. Holiday rentals begin at about 70EUR. Walking is practical to many of the top attractions which are near each other. Transport (STIB/MIVB) includes metro, premetro (tram with underground portions), trams, and buses. Use a reloadable MOBIB card. A single trip costs about 2.10EUR, 2.50EUR on board the bus, and includes changes within a 60 minute validity period. Five trip and ten trip transferable packages are about 8EUR and 14EUR respectively. A ticket valid for one day will be about 7.50EUR, 14EUR for two days, and 18EUR for three. Taxis cost around 8-10EUR for the first 3 km, then about 1.80EUR/km thereafter. Thirty minutes of bike hire is free, with daily rates about 1.60EUR, 7.60 for the week.