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Brussels travel tips

Fascinating Brussels

When it comes to places of interest, things to do and see, Brussels, the capital city of Belgium, ticks all the right boxes.

Perfect Brussels visiting time

The best time to travel to Brussels is during the summer months of May-September when the weather is warm. The city has many holidays and festivals like the "Fête de l'Iris" in May where there is free live music, street food and street art. The first Thursday in July and previous Tuesday sees "Ommegang", a medieval pageant while at the end of August or beginning of September, there's the "Memorial Van Damme", an athletics event.

Before you fly to Brussels

Indian passport holders do need a visa before travelling to Belgium. You can make an appointment online on the "Visa for Belgium" website. Cost of living is higher than in India, for example when eating out, a basic meal is around 6EUR and a main restaurant meal approximately 13EUR. Expect to pay 4EUR for a beer and 2EUR or so for soft drinks. Typical food like Brussels waffles are between 1.50-3EUR. Why not try Moules Frites, mussels with chips? Shop at the Galeries Saint Hubert (Sint Hubertusgalerijen, the first shopping center in the world opened in 1847.

Local Brussels information

Transport from Brussels Airport to the city centre: airport to central Brussels by train costs about 8.50EUR with a journey time of approx. 15-20 minutes (this is the fastest option). There's also a bus shuttle, the Airport Line, operated by STIB/MIVE, numbers 12 or 21, costing around 6EUR, if you pay on the bus or it's roughly 4.50EUR in advance with a 30 minute journey time. Alternatively taxis are around 35-45EUR taking about 40 minutes to get into the city centre. Accommodation - hostels are around 19EUR per night while three star hotels will set you back approximately 55EUR per person per night. There are also holiday rental options from about 70EUR. For public transport there are trams, buses and the Metro. Why not buy a recharged MOBIB card - single trip ("JUMP", valid for 60 minutes with charges of about 2.10EUR). Taxis are around 8-10EUR for the first 3 km and 1.80EUR per km thereafter. There's also bike rental, 1.60EUR per day with the first 30 minutes free or alternatively one week's bike hire for 7.60EUR. Most of Brussel's top tourist attractions are within walking distance of each other.