Flights from Kochi (Cochin) to Bangalore

Useful information about the flight from Kochi (Cochin) to Bangalore

Visiting India's Colorful IT Hub

The city of Bangalore offers top-of-the-line engineering schools and IT firms, yet also boasts a lively culinary scene, splendid palaces, and verdant gardens.

Planning the best time to visit Bangalore

Due to the heavy rains during monsoon season (June through October), it's best to schedule your trip to Bangalore between mid-October and March. The winter months from November to January are not bitterly cold. December is the coldest month with average temperatures around 15°C. February to May are considered the summer months, with high temps of 36°C making April the hottest. It's worth a trip to visit during the 9 days in March or April when Bangalore's version of the Karaga Shaktyotsava takes place. This is a joyous festival in honor of the Hindu goddess Draupadi. Also held in April is the Someshwada Car Festival, a proud procession celebrating the Halasuru Someshwara temple. On or around 26 January (Republic Day) and 15 August (Biannual Flower Show) you will also find many celebrations and attractions.

Getting ready for Bangalore

Hindi is spoken in Bangalore, but the official language is Kannada. Expect to spend approximately Rs 100 for cheap thali, while an average meal in a restaurant will set you back about Rs 300. Advertised hotel prices are taxed 20%, with ranges as follows:

  • Cheap hotels - Rs 700
  • Mid-range - Rs 1500
  • Luxury - Rs 4000

Additional information for travellers to Bangalore

There are several types of buses you can take to get to various parts of the city. The Vayu Vajra buses, for example, charge Rs 50 - 250 for destinations around Bangalore. Another service offers a day pass for only Rs 40. Taxis must be booked in advance and will cost a flat rate of Rs 150 no matter where you go in Bangalore. An auto will charge Rs 15 for each km you travel, with a minimum cost of Rs 25. Night rides cost 10% more, and heavy luggage will cost you an additional Rs 10-20.

Flight information: Kochi (Cochin) - Bangalore

Outbound and return flight from ₹45.37
Flight duration min. 00:45 / max. 01:20
Return flight duration min. 00:40/ max. 01:50
Distance 367 km
Flights per week 120
Departure airport Kochi (COK)
Arrival airport Bengaluru (Bangalore) (BLR)
Destination country India