Flights from Kochi (Cochin) to Kolkata

Useful information about the flight from Kochi (Cochin) to Kolkata

Why Visit Kolkata?

You can live somewhere your whole life and never really experience all it has to offer. If you live in India, but feel you've never really experienced it, Kolkata is the city to visit. Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta, is the second largest city in India and regarded by many as the intellectual and cultural capital. 

When to plan a visit to Kolkata

If you enjoy autumn weather and attending festivals then head to Kolkata between October and March. A number of festivals and fairs take place during these months. If you are a book lover who enjoys meeting people from all around the world then definitely plan your visit during January or February and experience the city's book fair. Travelling to Kolkata in the summer is not recommended due to extreme heat and the fact that monsoon season begins in May and continues until September. 

What to know before your Kolkata visit

In terms of accommodation, Sudder Street is the best place to find reasonably priced hotels. Prices typically range anywhere from 300 rs to 2,000 rs per night. In terms of food, Kolkata is cheaper than New Delhi. Kokata street food is known for being delicious and widely available. Cheaper street food starts at 130 rs, whereas meals in restaurants are about 350 rs. If you keep all of this in mind before travelling to Kolkata, your trip will be a sure success.

Kolkata: getting around

There are a number of things you should know before travelling to Kolkata. In terms of travelling around, buses are your cheapest option starting at just 6 rs. However, prepaid taxis and trains are most commonly used. Taxi fares start at 25 rs for the first 2 km and then 18 rs for every kilometre after.

Train fares start at 7 rs and increase depending on the distance you travel. You can also travel via metro, but it is overly expensive compared to other options. Alternatively, autos can also be used for travel but you should keep in mind the fact that autos only travel via fixed routes and have fixed fares.

Autos fares vary from city to city and whether they are powered or pulled by humans, but are relatively low compared to other forms of transportation.

Flight information Kochi (Cochin) - Kolkata
Flight details Kochi (Cochin) - Kolkata
  • Flight duration: min. 02:55 / max. 06:35
  • Distance: 1893 km
  • Flights per week: 32
  • Return flight duration: min. 02:55 / max. 06:30